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Inboard M1 Electric Skateboard


Get on the road with this M1 electric skateboard. It’s ready to ride and includes an incredibly compact motor built into the board so that you hardly know it’s there, yet it’s good for up to 10 miles. A pocket-sized remote ensure this M1 electric skateboard is easy to control as you speed about town.

In the package: Inboard M1, Travel bag, Battery, Charger, T-Tool

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Top Speed
High speed matched with maximum stability, the best performing electric skateboard in the world. With a top speed of 22 mph, leave the competition in the dust.

Worry-free remarkable range, thanks to the world’s only easily swappable skateboard battery. The PowerShift™ Battery offers maximum power in a portable form. Ride 7 miles on a single charge (+/- 2 miles depending on rider weight and riding style).

Safe for air travel
Go global with the M1. Check the M1 in the included travel bag, mark it as fragile, and carry-on up to three PowerShift Battery packs. Never worry about the wait for a ride at an airport again.

Splash Resistance
The M1 is splash resistant with an IP54 rating. Damp streets are not a problem for the M1.

Easy swap battery
When we say easy, we mean easy. No tools required. Simply turn a latch and click in a new battery in seconds.

Almost Maintenance Free
The Manta Drive in-wheel motors have no belts to replace, or gears to breakdown. Electro-magnetically driven so you’ll never have to wait for a replacement belt to be shipped.

Refined over Time
Upgradable performance and efficiency with firmware updates. The M1 improves over time with updates to the Manta Drive™, the RFLX™ Remote, and PowerShift Battery, all downloaded from the Vision Mobile app. The M1 is future proof.

Dual In-Wheel Motor
The Manta Drive in-wheel electric motors allow for unprecedented performance and superior style. No bulky external motors to get in the way, freeing the M1 to have a high-tech look, feel, and sound.

4 Safe riding modes
The perfect mode for the perfect ride. The Inboard M1 ships with three riding modes; beginner, intermediate, and advanced. From novice to professional athletes, the M1 delivers.

Intergrated LED Lights
See and be seen with bright, high contrast integrated LED lights. The M1 is the only electric skateboard with built in LED headlights and taillights. High visibility in the day or at night.

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8 reviews for Inboard M1 Electric Skateboard

  1. Andy R. (verified owner)

    This is the best board I own

  2. Joshua Z (verified owner)

    This is the best board I own

  3. Jamaar J (verified owner)

    Being someone who owned a similarly designed board from a Chinese start up that turned out to be a failure, I was hesitant to invest in Inboard during their Kickstarter/Indiegogo phase. Waiting it out and paying a higher price will prove to be inconsequential as this board is already saving me big bucks on my commuting expenses. The battery life is nowhere near what they rated, but im a bigger guy – 6’1, 190 lbs, and I ride hard, so having the back up battery in this bundle is clutch. This is an amazing product, I cant praise it enough.

  4. Julie S. (verified owner)

    Loving my Inboard M1 and has given whats its promised! Easy to get around, great power for me being a bigger guy still, easy to connect and control as well. The 3 different speed settings really help you get used to the board. The only thing is that on the intermediate setting it jumps a bit when it starts accelerating because of the power so that just took a bit getting used to but overall was easy to learn with it!

  5. Charles L. (verified owner)

    I am in absolute love with my M1. I am an undergrad college student and it is perfect for getting between classes and traveling to and from campus. The headlights and taillights add the coolest, functional touch. The color scheme is discrete and sleek, which is great because it draws less unwanted eyes when not in use. It can be hard to turn occasionally, but other than that, I have no complaints about my M1 at all! As I titled this review, it is truly the best purchase I’ve ever made. Couldn’t be happier

  6. Raj S. (verified owner)

    This board is fantastic! Bought one originally from a different company on Indiegogo and got scammed. Then Inboard randomly showed up on my Instagram and I fell in love. Been using this board in the mountains and in the city. Fantastic quality. Fantastic board.

  7. Nickolai S. (verified owner)

    You can tell the folks at Inboard put a lot of thought into the design of the product – it’s one of the better looking boards on the market with great build, built in back and front LEDs, and an awesome remote. Accel and braking are smooth, and the top speed is on par with that of boosted. Highly recommended as a first time board!

  8. Anthony S. (verified owner)

    I am 51 years old and have been skating most of my life. This board makes me feel like a kid again. Its fast. its cool and it is a blast to ride. I haven’t had a chance to really test how far I can go on one battery charge but I did buy an extra battery just so I could go even farther. Its expensive but they do offer financing 6 or 12 moths same as cash so what are you waiting for?

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